Website and software development

WordPress Integration

We can build your WordPress integration with external data sources, and integrate WordPress data into external applications or websites.

Integrating WordPress With External Data

There is already a wide selection of WordPress plugins that help you integrate many external data sources into your WordPress website, including Twitter, weather and news, hosted images and more. We can evaluate which are most appropriate for your website, and configure and style them to best fit your branding.

Where there is no existing plugin, we can integrate data from almost any source into your website by writing a custom plugin. We can present that data through the page content area (via WordPress shortcodes), through WordPress widgets, or through PHP functions that can be called from your WordPress templates.

Where appropriate, we can perform the integration in the browser itself using AJAX, saving on your server resources.

Integrating WordPress Data Externally

If you need to integrate some of your WordPress data into an external application or website, we can help with that too. We’ve built HTML, XML and JSON based data extracts into WordPress for consumption by other websites, and even integrated some custom WordPress data with Classic ASP websites. Essentially, if it can be displayed on a WordPress website, we can integrate it into an external website, mobile app, or data service.