Website and software development


WooCommerce is an amazingly powerful online shop for WordPress websites. With WooCommerce you can sell physical products, electronic downloads, services, tickets, gift certificates, and even accept donations — all from the same shop. It supports a dizzying number of payment gateways and shipping methods, and provides many pathways to customisation. Which is where we come in!

Theme Integration

We’ve done a number of theme integrations with WooCommerce, and believe we can now handle pretty much any customisation request. We make the shopping cart and checkout pages fit naturally into your theme, including updates to mini carts and additional checkout fields. We can also integrate WooCommerce products with external product databases, to pull in additional information maintained outside of WooCommerce.

Custom Emails

The email messages sent to customers and the office admin sometimes don’t have sufficient information in them. We can add that missing information, and style the emails to match your branding.

Payment Gateways

We’ve written custom payment gateways for WooCommerce, including the free eWAY Payment GatewayContact us if you need a payment gateway for a specific purpose.

Shipping Calculators

When the standard shipping calculators don’t fit your needs, we can write a custom shipping calculator that will. We can handle different volume and packaging calculations, in combination with different rates per region, specific to product types.