Website and software development

Custom WordPress Themes

Whilst WordPress has a wide variety of free and commercial themes available, many of them easily customisable, often the best way to give your website a professional look that matches your branding is to give it a custom theme. There are a couple of different ways we can give you that look.

Please contact us for an estimate, and a list of reference sites we’ve customised.

Customised Free or Commercial Theme

If you have chosen a theme you like from wordpress.orgthemeforest, or other WordPress theme collection, we can customise it to meet your requirements. We do this by creating a “child theme”, one that uses all the goodies your chosen theme gives you but altered per your specifications. It might not quite match a PSD conversion (see below), but we’ll get it close. This is a great option for lower budget websites that have designs similar to an available theme.

PSD Conversion to WordPress Theme

A graphic designer can produce a very professional design for your website, and we can convert that design into a custom WordPress theme. We’ve worked with a variety of designers to do that many times since 2008, and have always been able to accommodate their designs, even for older website browsers. We can provide you with an estimate based on either the PSD files or some JPEG images of the different pages in the design, and we work hard to meet that estimate.