Website and software development

Mobile Websites

People are increasingly using their mobile phones and other mobile devices to interact with the Internet. Smart phones make it possible to take the web with you where ever you go.

Mobile phones and touchpads see the web somewhat differently to how desktop computers see it. The makers of these devices have to balance functionality with speed and battery usage, so there are some restrictions that have to be catered for when building websites for mobile devices.

WebAware can build your website to work well on modern mobile devices. We can also help you target mobile web users with a site tailored to phones and tablets.

Responsive Websites

Some websites are amenable to presenting their information on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers with little change. Modern web browsers provide some cues that allow us to enhance the website display on larger and more capable devices, and responsive websites take advantage of those cues. This allows websites to cater to all comers, no matter what device they are using. The WebAware website is an example of responsive design, presenting itself differently on phones and more capable touchpads and desktops.

Mobile Themes

More complex, image-intensive websites may need different treatment to make them work well on both mobile devices and touchpads / desktops. For these websites, we can design and create a separate theme that will be used when people visit your site from mobile phones. We can do that either when they use a special website address, like instead of, or when a mobile device is detected. We recommend using a special website address, because some people prefer to view the full website from their mobile using pinch-to-zoom.

Mobile websites are best kept simple, so that they load quickly and fit within the smaller viewing areas available on mobile devices. They also need to take into account that there is no mouse — just a finger (and often a fat finger!) or a key-driven cursor — so special drop-down and pop-up menus and navigation aids don’t work the same.

Mobile-Specific Websites

Another approach to catering for mobile web browsers is to have a separate, more lightweight website that removes any clutter. This approach is especially good for websites that provide information for the public, because it makes it easy to find the necessary information people need when they are out and about with a web-connected phone or tablet.

WebAware can build a mobile-specific website that uses the same content as your main website, reducing the need for duplication of effort and preventing the problem of having two different and conflicting sources of information.